X-Rok™ - A versatile, ASTM approved alternative to the toxic lead used for medical/industrial X-ray shielding. A recent Idaho National Laboratory nuclear shielding test program has also confirmed X-Rok to be uniquely effective in blocking all forms of harmful radiation, including gamma & neutron. The United States, the Russian Federation, Israel, Canada, Japan, S. Korea, China, and New Zealand have granted our chemically-bonded phosphate ceramic radiation shielding materials (i.e. X-Rok) full patent rights while patent pending status continues in the EU, India, Mexico and numerous other international territories.

EkoRok™(in Europe also marketed as RepairRok™) - A multi-purpose, eco-safe, fast-setting, water-activated, phosphate-bonded geo-polymer blend ideal for the repair, replacement and resurfacing of Portland concrete and asphalt. EkoRok/RepairRok reaches 5500 psi in 3-hrs, 7000 psi in 24-hrs, 8500 psi in 7-days, 10/12000 psi in 28-days, with chemical bonding that is impervious to salt water erosion, doesn't corrode rebar, strongly bonds to mineral, metal, cellulose and applied using standard concrete technology.

DekoRok™ - White, non-toxic, color-fast, quick mold release ceramic cement blends specifically formulated for the creation of superior quality, high strength countertops, concrete tile, and beautiful decorative concrete products of all description.


DesignRok™ - As multiple mineral, metal, cellulose aggregate choices are somewhat unique to our 'cold-fired' ceramic cement formulas and a satisfying creative process unto itself, this basic cement/mortar blend allows end-user's to 'design and create their own suitable aggregate admixtures'.




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