Unique radiation shielding

and containment solutions.

X-Rok is a durable, chemically-bonded  geopolymer concrete/coating material that shields & contains all forms of radiation. A Nuclear Regulatory Commission Waste Form testing program currently being carried out at Idaho National Labs has verified that a 2-inch thick sample of X-Rok is a significant shielding material for all levels of radiation including gamma/neutron emissions. Check out our X-Rok research partners at http://ecoc3.org

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Concrete infrastructure repair.

EkoRok is a multi-purpose, non-toxic, fast-setting, water-activated, geopolymer blend specifically designed for the eco-safe repair, replacement and resurfacing of Portland concrete and asphalt, reaching 6000 psi in 3-hrs, 7500 psi in 24-hrs, 8500 psi in 7-days, and 10 to 13,000 psi in 28-days.


EkoRok is conveniently applied using standard concrete technology, is impervious to salt erosion and rebar corrosion, and strongly bonds to mineral, metal, cellulose and itself.

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Decorative floors

and countertops.

White, non-toxic, color-fast, quick mold release geo-polymer blends specifically formulated for the creation of superior quality, high strength countertops, concrete tile, and beautiful decorative concrete products of all description.

Custom blends designed to customer requirement.

Along with our pre-formulated geo-ceramic concrete/coating products we also offer customers the creative option to collaborate with our ceramic cement formula experts in creating specialized blends for specific concrete/coating applications.


A few of these creative options include the use of cellulose (wood, plant fiber, etc.), metal, a wide range of mineral aggregates, beautiful coloring textures, and working times ranging from a few minutes up to 1-hour.

Safely blocking all forms of radiation including gamma and neutron emissions.

Resurfacing and replacement

of Portland concrete and asphalt.

A new level of community

and home based self-sufficiency.

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