Processing local waste

& natural resources to use in

sustainable living environments.

Our on-going EarthCycle Technologies research program has identified and is presently assembling a complementary set of cutting edge, independently developed, well proven material processing systems.


When combined these state-of-the-art systems demonstrate a unified potential to cost-effectively process, recycle, and purify local waste streams and naturally occurring resources into our essential geo-ceramic raw materials, with the added benefit of simultaneously providing a wide variety of other life-enhancing raw materials, clean water and bio-fuel.

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Chemically resistant

non-toxic ceramic coatings.

Durable, non-cracking, geopolymer coatings are currently being developed and tested for a variety of unique uses; including protective steel, concrete, and wood thin-coatings that chemically bond to the substrate providing high abrasion, heat, salt, mold, & moss resistance.

3D Panel 'Qwik-Build' Research Project.

Four people constructed this 3-D panel,

EkoRok reinforced frame with windows in 3-days

Modular IT-controlled blending.

In collaboration with 3is Technologies, we are currently designing an IT controlled Blending system with the added attraction of being able to, within a modular design, go directly from (1) the local assembly of raw materials, (2) into custom blended C3Ceramic formulas, (3) into 3D printed plastic molds, (4) into finished building products that are ready to use in hours not days.


Advanced applications

for large-scale 3-D printing.

Self bonding, quick-setting, multi-purpose geopolymer formula's specifically designed for 3D printing, which we are testing at the University of Washington Materials Lab. Seattle Times - Affordable 3-D Printing


The late economist Ernest Schumacher's 1970's plea

for "production by the masses, not mass production" is now well and truly underway.....

Paramagnetic environments

enhance plant growth.

An eco-safe geo-polymer blend designed for use in hydroponic food and aquaponic fish growing systems. To date our research indicates that our phosphate-bonded cements retain their superior qualities underwater while resisting mold, moss, and barnacle infestation. GrowRok promotes healthy plant growth while simultaneously providing durable, toxic-free ponds for fish and shrimp production.


Within our aquaponic/hydroponic research we are exploring the distinct possibility that our GrowRok formula's create a paramagnetic environment that aids plant growth. As very little research has been done in this promising area we look forward to sharing what we learn.

The Bionic Arc is planned to be Taiwan's first positive energy building. The Eco-tower generates solar and wind-power coupled with planted living facades. We hope to be the locally produced concrete/coating material of choice.

Safely blocking all forms of radiation including gamma and neutron emissions.

Resurfacing and replacement

of Portland concrete and asphalt.

A new level of community

and home based self-sufficiency.

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