"We don't inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children" is a poignant statement of unknown origin that sums up our C3 vision and mission.


The self-funded, humanitarian oriented business model created by our parent  company, Co-Operations, Inc., is dedicated to creating useful inventions and products and sharing the profits with families & children in need.


Researching, validating and licensing the use of our superior quality ceramic cement products 'fuels our mission'; converting every home, village and city into healthy, sustainable, inspiring places for our children and grandchildren to live 'is our mission'!

The C3 Team that brings the ECOC3 Vision to Life:

It all comes down to

Teamwork, Trust and Results

Judd Hamilton - Founder/Chairman


Robert Dixon - Chief Executive Officer


John Jaquith - Chief Operating Officer


Michael Vear - Chief Financial Officer


Jack Rigsby - Chief Technical Officer


Charles Pappas - Research Director


Drew Nelson - Executive Director


Sean Casey - Media Director


Anna Liu - Managing Director/C3Asia


Joe Lacy - Research Consultant


Ken Covington - Marketing Consultant


Danielle Watson - Public Relations

We recognize, as do millions of like-minded people, our responsibility toward society and the planet we share. To honor this responsibility we created a profit-funded humanitarian business model consisting of Co-Operations, Inc., Ceramic Cement Corporation (C3) and E.F.F.O.R.T.S, a non-profit 501C3 Research Institute.


Our E.F.F.O.R.T.S/Co-Op/C3 business model, collectively known as ECOC3, is strategically designed to progressively allow us to profitably rather than charitably help families in need learn how to create their own user-friendly, eco-safe self-sufficient living systems. You can learn more about our ECOC3 outreach program at


Having learned through our science based research programs that we can actually and factually begin to make this self-sufficient transition "right now" is what inspired and continues to focus our "Hope in Action" vision.


Many of the technology advances that have appeared in recent years that collectively provide these never-before-possible self-sufficient living systems are illustrated in the self-sufficiency section of our web site.


C3 Executive Summary

The primary focus of the Ceramic Cement Corporation (hereinafter C3) is the Research, Development, Patenting and Licensed use of superior quality Ceramic Cement concrete/coating formulas and related products, including:


1.     The invention/patenting of advanced ceramic cement radiation shielding (X-Rok™)

2.     The creation of eco-safe, high strength concrete (EkoRok™/ DekoRok™/ FlameRok™).

3.     Converting local waste stream resources into useful raw material resources.

4.     Creating state-of-the-art self-sufficient living systems.


Over the past 20-years numerous U.S. Government research programs, academic studies, and our own C3 research efforts have scientifically verified the superior quality of chemically-bonded phosphate ceramic cement when compared to all other cementitious bonding systems. Our water-activated C3Ceramic blends do not use fly ash or any toxic ingredients, eliminating the environmental runoff/clean up and health issues associated with Portland concrete. The natural geo-polymer qualities inherent in our C3Ceramic formulas strongly bond to mineral, metal, cellulose, can be poured, sprayed and foamed with no toxic runoff or clean up problems.




After many years of self-funded research dedicated to advancing the eco-friendly production and use of concrete our scientifically validated C3Ceramic products represent a convenient paradigm shift for the building / construction industries! Beneficially evolving the use of limestone-bonded Portland concrete to include phosphate-bonded formulas that protect and overcome the cracking, corrosive, toxic laden durability problems inherent in limestone versions. Including the quick return to service repair and replacement of Portland concrete and asphalt, the creation of superior quality, eco-safe homes, building / decorative products, and globally patented, U.S. Government tested radiation shielding / containment solutions.


Resources to produce our C3Ceramic blends are abundant throughout the world, derived from natural and recycled sources that provide measurably better performance in strength, surface abrasion, durability, permeability, resistance to chemical attack, extreme cold and heat, mold, moss, bacteria, and the list of benefits goes on. And most importantly, our C3 formulas are conveniently produced and applied using conventional Portland concrete technologies. No need for costly production, technology changes to cost-effectively access our well proven, problem solving C3 products that we sometimes refer to as “Portland concretes best new friend”.


Judd Hamilton - Founder / Chairman









Safely blocking all forms of radiation including gamma and neutron emissions.

Resurfacing and replacement

of Portland concrete and asphalt.

A new level of community

and home based self-sufficiency.

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